Adrian Lancini

Adrian Lancini is No Mouth All Trousers

The Shed, Nine Acres Lane, Charlbury, Oxfordshire OX7 3QZ

Three night residency:
Dates to be announced soon. 

Doors 8.30pm.  Start  8.45pm

£10. Tickets only in advance.

Please note: The Shed is a bring your own drinks venue.

A new show from the man his parents named Adrian Lancini (they would have named him Astrid had he been a girl). There will be a beginning. There will be an interval. There will be an end. Other than that, who knows what will happen. Will Adrian actually speak? Will it really just be his trousers? Will it be funny? What will we think afterwards? Will we simply forget about it over the days that follow and just get on with our lives, or will be changed by the experience and see the world in a new and wondrous light? Only one way to find out folks.

Tickets available online soon.

Adrian Lancini staring